Secret Awesome


A poster for a Pond Scum party featuring Shit Rat and Lord Scum! Free with beer donation and five bucks!
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Partygeddon Trailer

Pond Scum is trying to throw a sick-ass party but Stevil and his demon goons crash it. Time to get wasted!
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Heavy Metal
Production Studio

We’re a group of friends who grew up watching monster movies, playing loud music, and making weird videos.

Let’s make some rad shit together!
*Rad Shit includes: Animations, Illustrations, GIFs, Music, Videos, and Websites.

Ghoul (The Band) Logo
Check out the animation Zak made for Ghoul!
A sack-faced skateboarder is about to grind a zombie's head
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Check out the animation Zak made for Ghoul!

Choose Your Destiny

Check out more of Zak's art!

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