📺 Netshitz & Swill? 🍺

Those jerks at Comcrap broke our TV! Now we’re gonna miss our favorite shows!
Oozer is endlessly smashing a can on his forehead. He's pissed!
Al G fiddles with the TV antenna while Oozer smokes a doobie on the couch.
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What are we gonna do?
Nothin but fuzz, on the tube.
We didn’t pay those stupid jerks.
Now our TV won’t work.
What are we gonna watch?
Nothin but static on the box.
We’re gonna miss our favorite shows.
What do we do?
We don’t know!
TV Broken, TV Broken,
Biggest Oozer’s coming on,
Then the ScumBob marathon.
What will happen on The Spew?
The Creeping Mold, is brand new.
Scum and Scummer’s coming out.
What is POND all about?
How will House of Slime end?
TV is my best friend!

🔥 Summer 2020 🔥


Pond Scum returns in animated form!

They’re throwing a sick-ass party full of scumleaf, ooze, and shreddin’ tunes.

Will they party til they puke, or will Stevil and his conjured minions unleash PARTYGEDDON?

🌊 Surfin' Scum 🌊

Watch Pond Scum shred the big waves and show the other surfers & booger-boarders how it’s done!

🌊 Surfin' Scum 🌊

Al-G is surfing the big waves while doing a headstand on his ironing, i mean uh, surf board!
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🔊 Listen to 🔊


The Grimiest, Grittiest, Slimiest, Shittiest Band from Cape Crud!
(Also polluting your streams on Spotify, Apple, and wutever…)

Ameebarf is slammin' some Ooze!