A Godzilla-sized rat is leading a police protest.
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Justice ft. Murky D (2020)

And don’t give a fuck about video witnesses
Daily news is only focused on the looting
Scared to share the footage of the crooked cops shooting

Rubber bullets labeled less lethal
So they fire into crowds of demonstrating people
Bleeding, beat down, don’t be silent
Scream out let’s expose their violence

Rise up! Join the mission
Support the front lines of our police state resistance
Demand reform on the use of force
Accountability and actual recourse

We wanna see maximum sentencing
A badge shouldn’t let you get away with anything
We pay you to protect and serve
Not to perpetrate acts of murder

put ya fist up and lead the march
we gone set the night on fire let’s be the spark
they only tell us what to say so we speak from heart
we gonna bring to the light wat you keep in the dark

they try to tell us back up cuz you got your backup
it’s hard to back us up the whole world behind us
tv and media they play and rewind us
been going on for years don’t need no reminders

they beat us mistreat us you never defeat us
you didn’t use ya ears so make sure that you see us
the world is ours WE US
you ain’t mad that you hate us you just hate that you need us

abuse ya power misuse ya position
not no more this time it’s different
You sat on us with ya knees and say we resisted
blues and a badge now who fits the description

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So Whut (2019)

I mean it’s on fire, so what
We need to drink it, so what
The fish are dying, so what
We need this stuff to survive,
We need…so what?
The water’s orange, so what
It burns my eyes, so what
The water’s poison, so what
Some people have died
So What?
We need this stuff to survive, huh?
We need…so what?

Shit Rat popping out of another toilet
Shit Rat is popping out of a toilet
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Demo (2017)

1. Shit Rat
2. Humans Suck
3. Fuck Off!
4. We’re All Gonna Die
Shit Rat stabbing a guy's ass
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I Stabd Yer ASS (2017)

1. I Stabd Yer Ass
2. I’m Bleeding
3. So Whut
Shit Rat putting a knife up to a dweeb's face
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