Diamond Guts playing inside a run-down, cartoon shack.
Rock out with The Guts
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A rat demands you listen to Diamond Guts!

Lo-Fi, Cape Cod

The Diamond Guts dudes rock out in a mega-rat infested shack.
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Watch the “Marginal Time” album release party!

Zak, Sam, and Ryan are hanging out at Rat Pool!
The dudes of Diamond Guts:
Zak Kirwin
Sam Houghton
Ryan Bray

“You can almost smell the dust, old grease and stale beer of a garage practice space.”

– The Goon (Bandcamp)

See How Diamond Guts
"Go Out"

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“Marginal Time is immediately engaging with ear-worm melodies and simple but effective punk riffs… would pair well with cheap light lager on a lazy afternoon.”

– Joe Thrashnkill (Toilet ov Hell)

Short Rips

A withery tree, Diamond Guts "Short Rips" album cover.

Zak played all of the instruments and recorded Diamond Guts’ first album, Short Rips, by himself in his loner days… (2015)

Ryan, drummer of Diamond Guts giving his opinion from behind the kit.

"The early stuff is tops. I think they went downhill after they tried to be Bowie..."

- Ryan (Drums & Opinions)

Secret Awesome, Fear No Weirdness, portal back to headquarters!
Teleport to Secret Awesome Headquarters,
(Internet Slumlord of Diamond Guts and other weirdness.)
A skull with a dagger protruding from the top. The letters "Z" and "K" glow in blue from the eye sockets.
Visit Zak's animation & illustration page!

Album Art

Journey through the pages of The Book of Scum and explore the smoke-filled kingdumb of The Putrid One, Lord Scum.

The Book of Scum is presented in a dank cave.
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